Hello You!

Hello my name is Teresa. I wear many hats in my personal and professional life and being a writer is not one of those hats. I started this blogg because I believe everyone should explore and adventure and learn about the world around them. There are so many things to see people to meet and life to experience. There are businesses, culture, music, food, nature, and so many things do and see around us all. I plan to share a few of our favorite things, and places with others that visit our blogg through video, photography and stories. I hope you find something that brings a smile 😁, or encourages you to go on your own journeys.

By Where's Ralphi

I started this blog because I want to showcase and describe the things I find beautiful, interesting, fun, and important, the things that bring me through my darkest and loneliest days, or inspire me, interest me and entertain me. I capture my little adventures I take with family and friends in my little blue Volkswagen Beetle I named "Ralphi", to share and hopefully remind everyone that sees my images and reads my blog what a wonderful world we live in.

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